Aroma and Sound Cleanse by Rina Angela

On Holy Wednesday I met with Rina Angela–dancer, poet, BK sister, and now sound cleanse practitioner. She prepared her table and gave me a questionnaire, which I had to fill out as the session progressed. The Aroma and Sound Cleanse ritual is a simple process that is supposed to remove negative beliefs and blocks arising from past experiences or previously held notions of self. This is done with the use of essential oils, sound frequencies, simple physical gestures or poses, and verbal affirmation.

I was given a tiny bottle of BELIEVE oil for my 3-day assignment. (Photo courtesy of RA Corpus)

My experience was quick and smooth. In about thirty minutes, I was able to experience a noticeable shift in perspective and vision. The process involves recalling certain pictures or moments from the past and observing feelings associated with these images. As one is made to breathe in certain oil essences, there might be changes in vision, emotion, and conviction. There was even a word that came to me, which was a surprise because I wasn’t expecting it. Nevertheless, it’s a beautiful word so I welcomed it into my life.

Tongue drum, kalimba, her stash of essential oils, and a singing bowl    (Photo courtesy of RA Corpus)

Rina Angela is leaving for Australia in a few days. I was actually the last client she saw before her departure. She is set to return to the country next year so her Aroma and Sound Cleanse sessions for the Philippine audience will be deferred until then. She is, however, keen on offering the same ritual of cleansing for her contacts in Australia.

There is a 3-day “homework” to be done after the session proper. I am on Day 1 as I write this. Oh and one last thing that I need to say: the oils she used on me smelled amazing. It’s always great working with essential oils because certain kinds awaken specific things inside, and by things I mean memories, feelings, visions, urges, dreams, magic.

Me and Rina Angela, at my home around Christmas 2018 (Photo courtesy of Aimee Morales)

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